Unable to access database after failed restore using MyLittleBackup
Posted by zz-James Moir on 21 June 2016 04:05 PM


After attempting to restore a database using the MyLittleBackup utility, the restore failed with errors and has now left your database inaccessible.


While restoring your database, the database is put into Single_User access mode which prevents access during the restore. After restore, the database is changed back to Multi_User mode. If a restore fails, the database can be left in Single_User mode preventing normal access to the database.

Why did your restore fail?

The most common reason for a database restore failing is when you have a full text catalog in your database. Remove the full text catalog before running the restore. Once the restore is complete contact customer service with the fields that require full text catalog and we will configure this for you.


Contact customer service on 0800 5000 24 or to have your database access changed to Mutli_User mode.