Frequently Asked Questions
Posted by zz-James Moir on 21 June 2016 04:05 PM

This FAQ covers frequently asked questions about Net24's Email service. Should you have any additional questions, please contact customer service

What is the maximum message size I can receive or send?

Net24's mail system accepts messages up to 30MB in size. Messages sent from email applications or from Net24's webmail service can also be up to 30MB in size. It is important to remember that MIME encoding overhead adds around 30% to the original file size. So in reality the maximum file size you can attach is approximately 23MB.

How many recipients can I send to in one message?

Emails sent via Net24's SMTP servers are limited to a maximum of 100 recipients per message. That is a total of 100 email addresses listed in the To, CC and Bcc fields. If you wish to send a large number of emails to a group you will need to break your messages down into batches of emails with no more than 100 recipients per message.