RSA remote console screen is blank
Posted by zz-James Moir on 21 June 2016 04:03 PM

When using the IBM Remote Supervisor Adapter's Remote Console feature the screen is blank and no video is displayed.


The RSA Remote Console uses UDP to transfer screen information to the client. If you are behind a firewall these packets may be blocked.


Open up access on your firewall to allow the required UDP packets to reach your client machine. The table below shows the ports and protocols used for remote console access.

ProtocolSource Address
Source Port
Destination Address
Destination Port
 UDP <RSA IP Address> 2000 <Client Computer Accessing RSA> > 1024

Random Destination Port Above 1024 Required

The RSA sends Remote Console UDP packets to a random port above 1024, therefore it is necessary to create a firewall rule to allow UDP packets from the RSA IP address to all UDP ports above 1024.