Setting up VoIP/Voice on your ZyXel router
Posted by Jarred Burrowes on 05 September 2018 04:28 PM

 ZyXEL VMG8324-B10A - Voice/VoIP Settings

NOTE: This article applies to customers with bundled Voice/VoIP services only.
1. Logon to the ZyXEL Web Interface using your web browser (
  • Username: admin
  • Password: 1234
2.  On the Connection Status screen, hover over Network Setting > click NAT.

3. On the NAT page, click the ALG tab > for SIP ALG:, click Enable > click Apply.

4. On any page, hover over Network Setting > click QoS.

5. On the QoS page; on the General tab (default) > for QoS:, click Enable > click Apply.

6. Hover over VOIP > click SIP.

7. On the SIP page, click the Sip Service Provider tab > under Modify, click Edit (pencil Icon).

8. On the Edit this Provider window, input the following settings
  • SIP Service Provider Name: Voyager
  • SIP Local Port : 5060
  • SIP Server Address: [RealmID] (This was assigned to you)
  • SIP Server Port : 5060
  • REGISTER Server Address: [RealmID]
  • REGISTER Server Port : 5060
  • SIP Service Domain: [RealmID]
   Click Apply.

9. Click the SIP Account tab, under Modify, click Edit (pencil Icon).

10. On the Edit this SIP Account window, input the following settings:
  • SIP Account Selection: SIP1-user_[UserID] (This was assigned to you)
  • SIP Account Associated with: Voyager
  • Enable SIP Account [Selected]
  • SIP Account Number: user_[UserID]
  • Username user_[UserID]
  • Password (Your SIP password that was assigned to you)
  • Phone 1 [Selected]
  • Phone 2 Not Selected
    Click Apply.