Conversant Migration FAQ
Posted by Logan Jessop on 02 February 2021 10:23 AM

General FAQ's 

Why are the Conversant services being merged with Voyager? 

Conversant was acquired by Voyager Internet in 2017. As Voyager continues to strive for excellent voice service, we are shutting down our legacy platforms to allow all customers access to the latest technology and newest features we have to offer. Taking pride in providing a quality, homegrown Kiwi service, Voyager’s philosophy stresses the importance of an excellent customer experience – which we can provide best by having all customers on the same platform for voice, billing and support. 

Will this affect my service? 

The migration from the Conversant platform to the Voyager platform will happen overnight and we expect most devices to automatically connect to the new platform. There may be some devices which will not connect automatically and in these cases we recommend a reboot of the router. 

All codes, PIN’s and number dials will remain the same. 

Will I still have access to the Conversant Portal? 

The Conversant portal will no longer be accessible from the date of migration. There will be a similar portal you will be able to access on the Voyager platform – however, the functions and features available may be different to what you are used to. 

The platform will be accessible using your existing credentials at after the migration has occurred. 

If you have any questions or concerns around potential functionality, please email  

Will my plan or pricing change? 

Yes, there will be a few things that change for you, as the Conversant product will no longer be active. This will mean changes to the pricing, billing and service that you currently use. For customers paying $15 or less per user, the new pricing below will apply: 

  • $20 Plan Charge (include 2x Users and 1x Phone Numbers) 
  • $10 Per Additional Users 
  • $5 Per Additional Phone Numbers 
  • $10 Tollfree Service 


There will also be a change in call costs as below (comparison included between current Conversant pricing as well): 


Voyager Voice Lite Pricing 

Conversant Pricing 

Local Calling 

2c per minute 

2.6c per minute 

National Calling 

3c per minute 

2.6c per minute 

Mobile Calling 

15c per minute 

13c per minute 

Inbound from Landline 

5c per minute 

5.2c per minute 

Inbound from Mobile 

25c per minute 

21c per minute 


Calling bundles will also be available with the move to Voyager, a selection of which are details below: 

Additional Calling Bundles 

100 NZ Mobile Minutes 


200 NZ Mobile Minutes 


500 NZ Mobile Minutes 


100 International Minutes 


200 International Minutes 


500 International Minutes 



International calling bundles apply to calls to our 40 most-called destinations. You can see the full list of included destinations here. 

For customers who do not pay for calling (i.e., have an all-inclusive plan), the pricing as below will apply: 

  • $25 Per User (including phone number)  
  • $10 Per Additional Phone Numbers  
  • $10 Tollfree Service  

If you would like to confirm what pricing you will be on or to move to a different plan, please contact our billing team.  

Will my account number change? 

You will be assigned a new Voyager Account Code – the number will be confirmed later. 

What will happen with my Invoice? 

All invoicing will be handled through the Voyager billing engine – this will mean Voyager branded invoices. There will also be a new bank account that invoices should be paid into.  

Will my billing period, invoicing cycle, or payment date change? 

Invoicing cycles will change to align with the Voyager invoicing cycle where invoices are sent on the first day of the billing period, with payment due on the 20th day of the billing period. 

What will happen with the existing payment method I have set up? 

Any current direct debit or credit card charging you had previously set-up with Conversant will no longer be active. You can set-up charging via credit card or direct debit via the Voyager website – we will contact you when this is ready to be done.  

Manual payments and any new payment methods will need to be updated. Details of our account will be included on your invoice. 

We also offer Direct Debit as a payment option. You can register for this once you receive your first invoice from us. 

How do I contact you? 

You can continue to ring 0800 4 SPEED or email