HD Net Migration FAQ
Posted by Jay Wattage on 28 April 2020 09:13 AM
This FAQ covers frequently asked questions about HD Net's migration to Voyager Internet. Should you have any additional questions, please contact customer service 

General FAQ's

Why are HD Net (Unlimited Internet) and Voyager merging?

HD Net has been acquired by Voyager Internet. Voyager has been providing internet, phone, hosting, and domain services to thousands of happy customers across New Zealand since its establishment. Taking pride in providing a quality, homegrown Kiwi service, Voyager’s philosophy stresses the importance of an excellent customer experience. It is this common philosophy and focus on the customer that has brought HD Net and Voyager together, making them a natural fit. 


Will this affect my service?

In the coming weeks, we will be making some changes in the background to move your account and services over to Voyager. Don’t worry, the changeover will be simple and there will be minimal disruption to your service. Most likely, you won’t even notice the change - other than Voyager’s awesome speeds! Some may experience a brief loss of connectivity for a few minutes whilst your service is transferred to the Voyager network, but you will receive emails along the way advising you of the status of your service transfer.


Will I still have access to the Customer Portal?

Unfortunately, the existing HD Customer Portal access will not integrate with our systems and will be discontinued. Voyager is currently developing a Customer Portal, due to be released late 2020. In the interim, our support team can assist with all your needs.


Will my plan or pricing change?

Your current Broadband plan and pricing remains unchanged. If you happen to be paying more than our standard rates, we’ll reduce your monthly charge to align with our standard pricing.  Standard Voyager rates will apply on any subsequent changes.

Your current VOIP Phone pricing remains unchanged. Our VOIP line come with free National calling and free voicemail. You’ll also get access to our competitive calling rates and bundles. You can view Voyager’s Voice Rates here

Additional Calling Bundles

100 NZ Mobile Minutes


200 NZ Mobile Minutes


500 NZ Mobile Minutes


100 International Minutes


200 International Minutes


500 International Minutes



International calling bundles apply to calls to our 40 most-called destinations. You can see the full list of included destinations here.


What is the Legacy service discount?

Your invoice will now show itemised service charges at our standard Voyager rates. This will be accompanied with a discount line item to off-set our standard rates to honour your current pricing.

Example below:

Standard Voyager rates will apply on any subsequent broadband service change or move address. You can view Voyager’s home broadband rates and plans here


Will my account number change?

You will be assigned a new Voyager Account Code, which we'd appreciate you use when calling up our team. But our team can still search by your old account code if needed.


What will happen with my Invoice?

You will receive a new look, Voyager branded invoice [link to example]. 


Will my billing period, invoicing cycle or payment date change?

Invoicing cycles will change to align with the Voyager invoicing cycle (so you won't receive an invoice this month - yay!).

  • HD invoice cycle: invoices are sent 28 days prior to the first day of the billing period, with payment due on the first day of that billing period.
  • Voyager invoice cycle: invoices are sent on the first day of the billing period, with payment due on the 14th day of the billing period.


What will happen with my existing payment method I have set up?

  • Automatic Payment arrangements will be automatically forwarded to our bank account.
  • Credit Card Payment arrangements will continue and be charged 10 days after the invoice date.
  • Manual payments and any new payment methods will need to be updated. Details of our account will be included on your invoice.
  • We also offer Direct Debit as a payment option. You can register for this once you receive your first invoice from us.


Will I need to change my Broadband username and password?

Your existing broadband username & password remains unchanged.


Will my Static IP change?

If you currently have a static IP service included in your subscription, details of your new Static IP address will be communicated to you well ahead of the planned change.


Will I need to change my VoIP settings?

If you currently have a VOIP service included in your subscription, we will contact you directly to assist in reconfiguring this so we can confirm it’s all working and has migrated over successfully. Your VOIP service will continue to work as normal until then.


Will I need to change my Voicemail settings?

Voicemail comes free with all our VOIP lines. We’ll provide you with instructions on how to set this up when we migrate your VOIP service to Voyager. If you currently have a Voicemail service with HD included in your subscription, we will contact you directly to assist in reconfiguring this so we can confirm it’s all working and has migrated over successfully. This will also be included free with your VOIP line once migrated to Voyager.


Will my calling rates change?
As highlighted above you will get unlimited local and national calling.  International calling rates will change as of the 1st May. International calls will no longer include any capping and will be charged at Voyager’s standard rates which can be found here:

How do I listen to my Voicemails?
You can access your voicemails by dialing *97 on your device,

You will then be prompted for your mailbox number and pin which is displayed on your Voice Build document email.


How do I change my Voicemail to Email notifications e-mail address?
You can set up your voicemail so you receive an email notification though your chosen email address.

The message is then retrievable as a voice file attached the email you receive.

Follow the link to login to your user portal

Your credentials can be found on your Voice build document email:


Enter your credentials:

This will take you to your account home page:

Select Settings & Devices:

Finally select the Send Voicemail to Email tick-box:

How do I forward my incoming calls to different number?
To enable call forwarding simply pick up your device and dial *72.

You will then be prompted to type the number of the device you wish to forward your incoming calls to.

To disable this feature dial *73 on your device.

How do I contact you?

Until your migration commences you’ll continue to contact the HD Team on 09 280 4135 (Auckland), 04 974 8139 (Wellington), 03 281 8106 (Christchurch) or email

We’ll confirm once we start planning migration of your services and from there you will contact the Voyager Team, available from 8am-10pm, seven days a week. You can ring 0800 4 SPEED or email