Setting up your ZyXEL router for ADSL
Posted by Jarred Burrowes on 05 September 2018 04:26 PM

 ZyXEL VMG8324-B10A - ADSL Settings

1. Logon to the ZyXEL Web Interface using your web browser (
  • Enter Username: (default is admin)
  • Enter Password: (default is 1234)
2. On the Connection Status (Network Map) page, hover over Network Setting > click Broadband.
Note: If you are presented with the Quick Start window, tick Don't automatically show this Quick Start after login > click Close.

3. On the Broadband tab, for the ADSL entry > click Edit (pencil Icon).

4. On the WAN Configuration edit window, ensure you scroll through and verify the following settings are shown/specified below:
  • General 
    • Active [Ticked]
    • Mode: Routing
    • Encapsulation: PPPoA
    • IPv6/IPv4 Mode: IPv6/IPv4 DualStack.

  • ATM PVC Configuration
    • VPI [0-255]: 0
    • VCI[32-65535]: 100
    • DSL Link Type: [PPPoA]
    • Encapsulation Mode: [VC/MUX]
    • Service Category: [UBR Without PCR]

  • PPP Information
    • PPP User Name: [user] (NOTE: [user] is your unique user name and can be found on your Build Doc)
    • PPP Password: (Your Account password that was assigned to you). 
    • PPP Trigger Type: [Auto Connect]
    • Authentication Method: [Auto]

  • IP Address
    • Obtain an IP Address Automatically [Ticked]

  • Routing Feature
    • NAT Enable: [Ticked]
    • Fullcone NAT Enable : [Unticked]
    • IGMP Proxy Enable : [Ticked]
    • Apply as Default Gateway : [Ticked]

  • DNS server
    • DNS: [Dynamic]

  • IPv6 Address
    • IPv6 Address: 
      • [Automatic is selected]
      • Get IPv6 Address From DHCPv6 Server(IA_NA) [Unticked]
      • Prefix Delegation(IA_PD) [Unticked

  • IPv6 Routing Feature
    • MLD Proxy Enable : [Unticked]
    • Apply as Default Gateway [Unticked]

  • IPv6 DNS Server :
    • IPv6 DNS : [Dynamic]

  • QoS
    • Rate Limit : [Nothing Specified]
    • WAN Outgoing Default Tag : [Disabled]
    • DSCP : [Nothing Specified]

  • MTU
    • MTU Size : 1492

  • Bridge and Routing mode in the same WAN
    • Enable Con-current WAN [Unticked]
   Click Apply.

5. Click the Connection Status button (located on the bottom left), to return to the Network Map, you should see a Green connection between your ZyXEL Router and the Internet.  

NOTE: If bundled with your plan, you may also wish to setup your Voice/VoIP Service.