Fair Use Policy
Posted by Andre Alessi on 20 December 2016 06:52 PM

We believe that “Unlimited” should mean unlimited: no slowdowns, no traffic shaping, no hidden charges.  We want to make sure that this is true for everyone.  As much as we can, we’ll let you do whatever you want on our network as fast as you can, but sometimes there’s a chance that very, very high usage will start to affect our other customers, and when that happens, we’ll talk to you about solutions that work both for you and for our other customers.  We define “Fair Use” to mean the usage patterns of 99% of our users, assessed on a monthly basis.  If you’re in the 1%, we’ll be in touch, but don’t worry, we won’t spring anything on you without talking to you first.

Note that our Fair Use Policy applies to our Residential and Best-Efforts Business Services with Unlimited Data.  Some of our Business-Grade and Enterprise Services have additional considerations for Fair Use-we'll clarify these with you as part of your Service Agreement.  

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