Resetting Apps after Upgrade
Posted by zz_Daniel Oakes on 03 August 2016 11:12 AM

During a major upgrade UI components are updated.  These files are often cached on a users browser, and in order to get the new objects you will need to follow the procedure outlined here.

This will only work if you are an admin.  If you only have user access, please contact us.

Only use this if you have no applications within your browser, i.e. like this screenshot:

On the right hand menu, choose the pull down arrow, then App Store

You will need to turn off all your apps that are currently enabled - remember to scroll to the right as well for the User Portal if it is not on your first screen.

Turn off all the items and press save.  You will be warned the page will refresh.  

Repeat the same process and enable all the apps again.

You should now have your full range of apps back: