I keep getting prompted for my username and password when using Outlook 2007
Posted by zz-James Moir on 21 June 2016 04:08 PM

Configure Outlook 2007 to Remember Logon Credentials

When accessing a Microsoft Exchange Server that is located outside of your network environment, sometimes Microsoft Outlook 2007 prompts for username and password credentials each time you start Outlook, even when checking "Remember my Password" at the logon prompt.
This guide helps you configure Microsoft Outlook 2007 to remember logon credentials when using My Hosted Exchange.
Do you see this everytime you start Microsoft Outlook 2007?
Configure Microsoft Outlook 2007 to remember logon credentials when using My Hosted Exchange Server 2007.
Close Microsoft Outlook. Ensure it is completely closed (and not working in the background) by checking for Microsoft Outlook icons in your system tray (where your Windows clock is normally displayed). If you are unable to close Microsoft Outlook completely or are not sure if the program has exited, restart Microsoft Windows.
Next, navigate using Windows Explorer to the following folder:

You should be presented with a window, like this one.
Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2007 to remember username and passwords when accessing Microsoft Exchange Server, configure appdata roaming microsoft protect folder
Rename the folder to something else (don't delete it) as shown below.
Rename the existing folder storing your Microsoft Outlook 2007 credentials as shown here.
Now, restart Microsoft Outlook 2007 and enter your username / password credentials.
Microsoft Outlook should now remember your username and password as entered.
That's it.
Now your email software should be configured and ready for use with our Hosted Microsoft Exchange service.

If for some reason this does not work then proceed through the following steps...

1.  Exiting (not just closing) Outlook, Removing credentials from Credential Manager (Control Panel -> Credential Manager), Starting Outlook

2. Ensuring Outlook is not in cached mode or at least turning this off while the issue is present and possibly turning it back on later...

3. Making a new profile.