Why does my FTPS client prompt me to accept the Net24 certificate
Posted by zz-James Moir on 22 June 2016 09:35 AM

Issue: Why does my FTPS client prompt me to accept the Net24 certificate?

Do not be concerned - all Net24 Certificates are valid! The issue is that, by default, almost all FTP clients do not use the Windows Certificate store.

Solution Part One : Configure your FTPS Client to utilise the Windows store.

This procedure varies with the client you are using.

For CuteFTP, under the "Tools" menu, select "Global Options" and expand the "Security" section and select "SSL Security". Make sure that the "Accept Certificates in the Windows Trusted Root Certificate Authority store" option is selected.

For Filezilla,upgrade to a recent version. Later versions of Filezilla now utilise the Windows store.

Solution Part Two: If this still does not work then you may need to update the WIndows root certificate list

Using Internet Explorer, browse the website : and accept the Installation prompt.

Choose the update that matches the Operating system you are using.