Setting up passive FTP in IIS7
Posted by zz-James Moir on 21 June 2016 04:07 PM


How to configure Passive Mode FTP in IIS7


You need to define a port range in IIS7 and the Windows Firewall.

IIS7 Port range configuration

The port range is defined at the Root level of the IIS7 Manager under "FTP Firewall Support".
"0-0" is the default port (20).
Enter in a range here that defines what passive port range you require.
Enter in the IP address of your VPS under the "External IP Address of Firewall" section.

Windows Firewall Port range configuration

Open up "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security".
Under "Inbound Rules" configure the "FTP Connection" rule setup by IIS7 to allow the same port range you defined in IIS7.