Adjusting the memory used by SQL Server 2005
Posted by zz-James Moir on 21 June 2016 04:07 PM


Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or Express is using all of the available memory on your VPS. SQL Server memory usage may continue to steadily increase and not decrease, even when activity on the server is low.


By default, SQL Server dynamically grows and shrinks the size of its buffer pool (cache) depending on the physical memory load reported by the operating system. When MSSQL is installed, the maximum server memory value is set by default to approximately 2,000 GB. If your VPS is only running MSSQL, this value is fine. If you are running additional applications such as IIS, SMTP and other services on your server, you will want to adjust this value so that MSSQL shares memory with other applications on the server.

How to adjust the memory used by SQL Server 2005

The steps below apply to both SQL Server 2005 and SQL Express.

  1. Log into Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express or Workgroup either directly on your VPS or from your local machine
  2. Right click the SQL server name and select Properties

  3. Select the Memory tab

  4. Adjust the Minimum server memory and Maximum server memory
  5. Click OK