Pre-sales Frequently Asked Questions
Posted by zz-James Moir on 21 June 2016 04:07 PM

This FAQ covers frequently asked sales questions about Net24's Shared Hosting service. Should you have any additional questions, please contact customer service

Are there any setup fees?

There are no setup fees for any of our web hosting plans!

Are your servers based in NZ?

Yes our servers are NZ based. We operate our own servers from our Christchurch based data centre. You can view more information about our network here:

Can I pay by cheque or bank payment?

Yes. We operate on a monthly invoice basis and accept payment by credit card, cheque or bank payment (Internet Banking, Automatic Payment)

Can I test and preview my site before going live on your server?

Yes. The Plesk Server Administrator allows you to preview your web site using the web server address. This will display your web site exactly as if you were accessing the site via the actual domain name. A site preview can be generated from the Plesk Server Administrator by clicking on the Site Preview button.

Do you offer telnet or shell access?

No, Net24 does not provide shell access for shared web hosting plans due to security reasons.

Do you support anonymous ftp?

Net24 does not provide anonymous FTP at this time.

Do you support shared SSL?

We support shared SSL on our Windows plans. Shared SSL is not supported on our Unix plans. We can issue RapidSSL domain certificates from $85NZD.

Do your plans support sub domains?

Yes they do. You can create unlimited sub domains for a domain name under any web hosting plan for both Unix and Windows platforms.

Do your servers run UNIX or Windows?

We operate both platforms. Our Unix web hosting plans run on the FreeBSD platform.

How many domain names can I host under one plan?

We support unlimited domain aliases under one account. That is, a domain name that points to the home directory of your web site. Domain aliases cannot be used to host multiple web sites under the one plan. A separate web hosting plan will need to be purchased for each web site you wish to host.

What kind of servers are you using?

Currently, our latest deployed servers are HP Blades with Quad-Core Intel